Agriculture, Animals and the Environment

Agricultural animals have played a critical role in meeting human nutritional requirements for food and fiber. They currently provide 18% of the total calories and 39% of protein consumption. In addition to food, animal by-products have many uses in pharmaceutical, cosmetic, household, and industrial products. While, animal husbandry is responsible for about 20 and 33% of the fresh water usage in the world and livestock, and the production of feed for them, occupy about a third of the earth's ice-free land. Animal agriculture contributes to species extinction, destroying habitats by clearing forests and converting land to grow feed crops and for animal grazing. It is of utmost concern for us to look into the proper management of the animals and agriculture, avoiding any kind of harm caused to the environment.

  • Recycling
  • Feed Production
  • Veterinary Medicine Practice
  • Partial or Complete Processing
  • Breeding and Rapid Multiplication

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December 03-04, 2020

Asia Pacific Veterinary Congress

Singapore City, Singapore

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