Animal Welfare

Respect for animal welfare is usually based on the belief that nonhuman animals are sentient and that consideration should be given to their wellbeing or suffering, especially when they are under the care of humans. These concerns can include how animals are slaughtered for food, how they are used in scientific research, how they are kept as pets, in zoos, farms, circuses, etc., and how human activities affect the welfare and survival of wild species is the well-being of nonhuman animals. The standards of animal welfare vary noticeably between different contexts. Animal welfare science seeks to answer questions raised by the keeping and use of animals, such as whether hens are frustrated when confined in cages, whether the psychological well-being of animals in laboratories can be maintained, and whether zoo animals are stressed by the transport required for international conservation.

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December 03-04, 2020

Asia Pacific Veterinary Congress

Singapore City, Singapore

Animal Welfare Conference Speakers