Veterinary Medicine Issues and Applications

Veterinary medicine deals with the study, prevention, and treatment of diseases in domesticated animals. Some of the problems in veterinary medicine are the following: Bio-terrorism, Vaccine protocol, Liability, Spread of Zoonosis. Wildlife conservation efforts are increasingly faced with declining, overcrowded or fragmented populations, environmental contamination, and the introduction of new species of either competitors or pathogens. The integration of veterinary medicine as part of a multidisciplinary approach to conservation can assist in the successful planning, implementation and evaluation of conservation projects. Beyond the role of immobilizing animals, veterinarians can contribute to assessing and monitoring the health of wild populations, and can train others in modern approaches to working with and caring for wildlife.

  • Therapy
  • Animal Drug
  • Animal Research
  • Animal Diagnostics
  • Emergency and Critical Care

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December 03-04, 2020

Asia Pacific Veterinary Congress

Singapore City, Singapore

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