Genetics and Animal Breeding

Animals contend with others to keep up themselves for a while that would be adequate to empower them to deliver tissue that would be key to the upkeep of their species. It is creature hereditary qualities that give advance rearing innovation and testing administrations, for example, hereditary characteristic tests, DNA composing and hereditary illness tests to help keep up and improve specific animal groups. It not just investigations heredity and variety mostly in livestock yet in addition in household and Wild Animals.  It works on the following-

  • Breeding stock improvement through genomic selection
  • Studying Genetic diseases in animals
  • Improving production animal performance
  • Maximizing lifetime reproduction
  • Pregnancy and birth complications in production animals
  • Sheep and goat dairying - genetic evaluation


  • Genetic Variation
  • Genetic Modeling
  • Molecular Genetics

Related Conference of Genetics and Animal Breeding

December 03-04, 2020

Asia Pacific Veterinary Congress

Singapore City, Singapore

Genetics and Animal Breeding Conference Speakers